TJ Smith, Owner/Inspector

TJ Smith, the owner and inspector for All Out Home Inspection, cares about your new home. He understands that buying a new home is both an exciting and sometimes stressful process.

All Out Home Inspection is here to help ease your mind.

All Out Home Inspection has faithfully been serving clients in Lanark, Leeds and Grenville as well as Cornwall and area since 2009. TJ was raised in Athens, Ontario and now resides in North Augusta restoring his own heritage home with his wife and two sons. TJ has extensive experience as an inspector, due in part, having worked in the construction field both in residential and commercial markets. After graduating high school TJ began employment at a home construction firm. This firm also did home renovations and regular home maintenance. After 3 years of work and determination, TJ enrolled in the heritage Mill-Work carpentry course at Algonquin College. There, he studied log building, timber framing and heritage restoration. A portion of the course was spent rehabilitating the Almonte Agricultural Hall in Almonte, Ontario. TJ has since spent years purchasing and renovating homes in the Brockville and Smiths Falls area. When it comes to purchasing homes, TJ has real-world and personal insight into what his customers need, and what they are going through during such an important decision.

TJ Smith is CCHI (Canadian Certified Home Inspector) and is RHI (Registered Home Inspector) certified. He has inspected thousands of homes in this area. His extensive experience is invaluable and his opion is trusted by others in his industry and by area realtors. You can trust his findings as well.

All Out Home Inspection wants you to be sure that all your questions are answered. TJ is available on weekends and evenings. TJ understands that the real estate industry operates after hours and on weekends, so he is always available during these times. TJ understands the time restraints when making real estate decisions and will do his best to accommodate the buyers, the sellers, and real estate agents' schedules when booking appointments. TJ works in a timely manner to get you the honest information you need to make a decision. TJ believes in his community and bringing them a service that is needed for his friends, neighbours and customers.

Why is Home Inspection Important?

A formal home inspection by a certified and experienced professional will provide you with a detailed and accurate report containing the information you need to make an informed decision. Whether you are buying a home or selling your home, a home inspection can eliminate surprises, reveal strengths and weaknesses of the property and ultimately give you the knowledge you need to act to minimize your risk and maximize your profit.

All Out Home Inspections is the only Brockville area home inspection service to provide team-based inspections. A staff of 2 experienced inspectors will perform your inspection and rates competitive with individual inspections provided by competitors. We all know, two heads are always better than one, and you get twice the experience and know-how for the price of one.

A professional home inspection should always be part of your purchase or sale, to ensure important issues have been addressed, and that the transaction will go as smoothly as possible. Nobody likes nasty surprises that are discovered long after you have moved in or have sold your property to another. All Out Home Inspection will professionally examine the property and buildings and produce a detailed and complete report of the findings of the inspection.

For a detailed list of all of the things we inspect during an inspection, click here.

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